Thursday, March 11, 2010

100 Book Challenge is within reach

I was a bit leary at first when I signed up to read 100 books in 2010. I read alot, I mean I read more than alot. At times I feel like I am cheating on my husband. Is it wrong that on some nights I dream of getting under the covers with a good book?

Even with taking 2 grad courses this semester I am still able to get some decent page time in and have been enjoying a ton of good books. The tough part is that I have been reading so many at a time when my wireless card decides to go on the fritz. So now I am going to attempt to "catch up" on reviewing my books.

If you like Young Adult, Sci-Fi, Paranormal, and Epic Fantasy then you may want to bookmark me. I have read some fabulous books and am looking forward to encouraging your reading habits!!!

The reviews I have on deck include:

I also got around to reading a few self-help books from my bookshelf. Since I am hosting a genre challege, I figure it would be a great time to knock those out as they have been collecting dust for the past 8 years (I was preggos with my daughter!). They were interesting/helpful, but mostly I would rather pick up an entertaining read. Does anyone else do that to?


thriftymomma said...

Hi. Interesting challenge the 100 books this year one. I am now following you


Zippizip said...

I loved the Scott Westerfeld books. My 14 yo daughter had just read them and it gave me and my wife a great opportunity to talk about some of the themes he brings up in the books with our daughter - and they are great reads!

Stan at Scrappers Workshop

Jennwhite said...

I need to finish the Pretties series, especially since DH (see Zippizip above) has already done so! I think it's great you're doing this - I'll bet I read almost a hundred books a year, I will have to try to keep track and see! Thanks for the inspiration!

Everyday Mom Ideas said...

I just bough the uglies because I heard so many good things about it. Right now I'm reading Ship Breakers. Have you heard of it?