Sunday, February 14, 2010

Huckleberry Finn - Social Commentary Regarding the Morality of Humanity

I know the title sounds pretty dramatic, but Twain and I have bonded over the first half of my Major Authors: Mark Twain lit course. Given this glorious intimacy I also receive the pleasure of writing a 6-8 page paper.

Okay so I am laying it on very thick. I do lOVE the class and actually planning on taking it again on a graduate level. There will be a one week condensed grad class happening right on Twain's porch in Elmira, New York. Maybe I'll get to sit in his rocking chair. I know...I know I am a major book nerd for admitting this but I see it truly as a life time experience.

To bore you a bit more with my Twain obssesion and belief that he was a master mind, especially when it came to social commentary in Post-Reconstruction Period of the Civil War, I will come back and post my critique of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Hopefully I can crank this baby out and get back to the actual reading part!


Margaret said...

Ooh, that sounds interesting. I heard an NPR story a couple weeks ago with a Mark Twain biographer who wrote MARK TWAIN: MAN IN WHITE. Fascinating. Here's the NPR link:

SafeHomeHappyMom said...

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Kate Diamond said...

I love Mark Twain! I teach Huck Finn in my AP Lang class. It's a junior high school course, but the kids can earn college credit if they pass the AP test.

If you have any Twain resources I should check out, please let me know (I'll definitely be following the links everyone posted here. Thanks!)

My Book Barn said...

I love Samuel Clemmens (Mark Twain)! I gave you an award on my blog, so be sure to check it out!