Monday, December 7, 2009

Read Your Bookshelf Challenge

Yeah! Another great book challenge that can be incorporated into the challenges I have already picked out for 2010. Take a look at my previous post and you will shortly learn that I desperately need this challenge. Head on over to Miz B's to see what it's all about!

I also recently discovered The Book Chick City. She has all kinds of tempting challenges too. The Thriller and Suspense Challenge along with the Anita Blake Challenge seem to be calling me. Of course these are books that I would not be able to count as a new genre in my Genre Challenge.

I mean seriously! Do I need to be further tempted to pick up a ginormous series and delve into it at the risk of no sleep and procrastination of my studies and term papers?

On the flip side, I must admit that I love finding these yummy treats when most of the books have already been published. There is little worse than waiting for the next book in a series. (Don't even get me going on the Dark Tower/Gunslinger Series by King) When they are so readily accessible I feel that I am able to get to know the characters better and my need for instant gratification is met.

I find that lately I am drawn to the epic type of story that unfolds and develops through the series. Once I find a great book and invest in the characters it is hard for me to say goodbye. I always want a little more...well a lot more.

I guess I am a book addict. Well that's obvious, but just envision of the typical portrayal of a crack addict shaking and begging for their next fix. Well, that's me but only I am at the library instead of the street corner!

I mean just look at that image. I spend so much time in the real world taking care of everyone's problems that it is nice to pick up a fun read and get lost into it as the main character kicks some ass!

So I am wondering, what type of book do you like to get lost in and why?

Happy Reading!


Christine said...

I am very impressed with your blog, and you have inspired me to join some challenges (and stick to them for once) for 2010.

ibdragon said...

The Better Part of Darkness by Kelly Gay will provide you with another good read. I just finished it. Also check out Kristen Cashore's books and if you haven't read "Sheepfarmer's Daughter" by Elizabeth Moon, you are in for a treat. It will definitely get you away from the runny noses and drama of school.