Sunday, December 6, 2009

Confessions of a book addict

I do admit, I have a problem. I am getting pretty back logged. They are not assigned by any means (I have already read the assignments for my classes). Rather, these are books that I am in some state of currently reading. Some books may only have a few chapters to go and some may only be a few chapters in.

I swear I have ADHD and if a book doesn't grab me before I bounce away, I may not see it to its end. However, I have a hard time admiting this and letting them go. Every once in a while I have to have a heart-to-heart with myself and get rid of those that must go. Aye! The woe of saying goodbye.

Here is my "currently reading" book cove:

This is more of an aerial of my books within arms reach.

Here is a closer shot at one of my corners. I must admit that I have read 6 books in these piles but 2 of them I am rereading.

My current lovelies. Yes I know, I'm a triple-timing book whore. I like variety and unless the book is an "OMG~all nighter" I will read several books at once. I'm many books do you usually read at once.

What does your reading stash look like? Take a pic and post it up on your blog. Link me up. I hope I'm not the only one drowning in books, mind you these are just the ones on the stand by my bed.


StephTheBookworm said...

I only read one book at once. I don't like to get my characters/plot lines confused. Good for you though, for being able to keep all those stories straight and good luck with your book pile! :)

Alison said...

I try to read only one book at a time. That being said, I probably have 4 books on my nightstand, I just brought home another book from the bookshop and got another YA ARC in the mail that I want to start immediately. *sigh* You and I have similar issues.

I tried to do the Fall Into Reading Challenge (Callapidder Days) to keep myself helped. It's hard. I know. I need to take a picture of all the books on my To-Read and Currently-Reading would make you feel tons better!

BTW, I'm not even in school anymore, so I'm really impressed with you!

SariJ said...

I used to read more than one book at a time but as I get older I find it is harder and harder to do so. Having said that, I am currently reading 4 books! Like you if one does not grab my attention soon after picking it up I move on to the next one.

Padfoot said...

LOVE your site!!! I must take some pictures of my three large bookshelves overflowing with books. It's a site to make even the toughest man cry.