Sunday, January 10, 2010

Read Your Bookshelf Challenge

I am a horrid book hoarder! I am starting with this particular challenge as many of the books over lap and I am tired of seeing them laying around on my bookshelf. Time to polish them off so that I may add new ones.

I just added a few more to my "have and need to read" shelf at good ol' good reads. As I sort through those that still need to be read that are still about the house, this collection will continue to grow.

Through out the challenge, I will update this post to include the ones that I have read and links to the reviews.

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Happy Reading!


SariJ said...

Good luck with your challenge. I just weeded out my TBR shelves and plan on reading from them before I get more books. I have 107 books waiting to be read; this is more than a person needs.

zel said...

I should try this challenge, I have a ton of books just waiting to be read from YEARS ago still laying around. I seem to keep buying new ones and not reading the old ones... ack, cant help it!

aqtbenz said...

I should totally do this challenge. I still have books I got years ago that I never got around to reading. And I keep getting more books, so the old ones never get read! Ah! Good luck!